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My nº1 Advice for Business and Life

My nº1 Advice for Business and Life

This is my very first post, and I wanted to start this Blog in order to provide my community, followers and clients with additional tools to thrive – not only in business, but within life too…because in the end, life is a whole, right? 🙂

When brainstorming about ideas and tools that could help you, I kept asking to myself…what’s the number 1 concept that is the most important for me, and that I wish I had known years ago?

I saw no better way to start this blogging journey than this…talking about Self Image and Mindset. Because no matter how many courses you attend, no matter how much you study, how much you work…you won’t be able to thrive in business (and life), if you don’t work on your Self Image and your Mindset. 


What is Self-Image anyways?

Self-Image usually comes from our early childhood (mainly), but it keeps unfolding as we grow up and it’s influenced by our experiences and environment. Chances are that if you were (or felt) really loved as a kid, your Self-Image is pretty good! 

Does this mean that, if you weren’t that loved (or didn’t feel loved enough), or that if you come from a toxic environment or experienced early trauma of any kind, you can’t have a good self image and thrive? No, of course not! If that was the case, it would be really unfair, right? But what this actually means, is that you will have to work a little harder and build this healthy Self-Image – but I know you can do it! I am not more special or more gifted than you, so I can assure you that this is possible for everybody, no matter where you are now 🙂


However, even if we’ve done the work and we have a good Self-Image, we oftentimes have a gap in between our ideal versions of ourselves (we all have this ideal version – if you think you don’t, perhaps you haven’t really taken the time to think about it), the versions of ourselves we are actually being (how we show up, how we act…), and how people expects us to be (at the end of the day, we’re social beings and we also want to fit in). Complicated, huh?


This gap and our Self Image, influences our Mindset in every way – which will determine our actions, and even how we approach our projects and clients, what we think we can and cannot do…and hence, our results in life. Not to mention how it impacts our personal life and our happiness…pretty much everything!  So, this is why this is that important and we should work on it (ideally, before building or starting any project, but it’s never too late to do it!). *wink*


All this brings us to another important concept…and this is, having Awareness and Humility, and the Will to actually change and do the work. Without these qualities, it’s impossible to (1) Know or be aware of what’s keeping you from having the life you want (2) Be able to change this and live the life of your dreams and reach your goals.


I have found it to be true, that Mindset really is the most important pillar when you’re starting your business and/or you want to reach any goal, and that Self Image influences it even if we think we have “everything under control” or we’re “working hard” 24/7. 

So how can you start working on all this? Within this blog post, I have enclosed a couple of short exercises that I want you to try today – you can download it for Free in this link below.


Changing our patterns and mindset – especially when you’ve been in a toxic mindset for years -, it’s really difficult (so it won’t happen overnight). But ultimately, it’s you – just you-, who has the power to commit yourself to either change if you’re unhappy with your life and results, or remain where you are…and that is the beauty of it!

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